Project documentation covers documents created during an execution of a project and for the project itself.           

  • Documentation stimulates and structures critical thinking in planning the project’s goals, risks, and constraints. The document is the evidence and chronicle of this critical thinking.
  • It provides memory containers for managing a level of detail that cannot be kept in one’s head. This includes every small detail that is easily overlooked during day-to-day project work, as well as the larger things that are easily remembered, but potentially lost or forgotten due to the passage of time or critical personnel changes.
  • It keeps the team and other stakeholders synced up and informed about project changes, issues, and progress.



  • Drawings

Tech drawing of all vendors involved a co-ordinate drawing & Bim for complete understanding

  • BOQ

Bill of Quantities to ascertain of cost of project with rates.

  • Schedules

Schedule on a bar chart to track & predict critical path.

  • Work Orders

To place orders with clarity of deliverables & other legal aspects.

Execution & Control

  • Minutes of the Meeting

To co-ordinate with all stake holders & to document status & decisions taken during the course of the project.

  • Progress report

To visually ascertain progress of site, confirm progress with milestone of the project as per drawings, specification, schedule & cost.

  • MIR

Material inspection reports.


  • As build drawings

As built drawing of all agencies with changes that have happened during the course of the project.

  • TDS

Technical data sheet of materials used

  • Training & user manuals

Training & user manuals along with Do’s & Don’ts

  • Contract closure.

Commercial closure including extra & satisfactory handover of functioning after completion of snag list.

Benefits of project documentation is a ever-ending list. In a nutshell, it is extremely crucial to maintain a good documentation throughout a project. Documentation might consume time yet, it’ll save your time -How? It saves time for you from struggling with taking the required actions and making decisions. All the efforts and time taken by documentation is paid off when your decisions are based on facts. A good documentation increases your project success rate.