A Quick Career Guide – know your instruments.

It is essential to be aware of your instruments, here’s a quick explanation to
understand each of your instruments.

I Like

relates to what you enjoy, it is something that makes you happy just by doing it at any given time. I LIKE meeting people, leading, being introspective, being in the outdoors, traveling or being instinctual. This is more of a natural urge, that arises subconsciously from within and makes you feel happy.

I Can

relates to what you are capable of doing, be it a physical or mental task, something that can be measured, something that is tangible.

I CAN run, draw, calculate, speak publicly or manage people. This is your capability, that is either genetically acquired or learned overtime. It promises success because you are capable to do better than most. You can call this your MACHINE

I Want

relates to what you wish for but is mutually exclusive to what you LIKE and what you CAN. I WANT to be a doctor, pilot, astronaut, actor, director of a company, stock broker, politician or a celebrity.

This can be easily influenced by loved ones or even your dreams, by the movies you watch or your surroundings. One can be easily mislead if the desire of want to be does not align with the previous two instruments. This

can either prove to be disastrous or at the same time it can become your most powerful instrument. With focus and will power, it can achieve the impossible and provide sense of great fulfillment.

You can call this your MIND


relates to the existing circumstances, where all working members of your family are medical professionals, or lawyers, or the situation of a stock market boom, or an economic recession.

This is the environment around you, the conditions in which you exist. You can call this your PLACE

This classification, is for one to recognise their instruments. the HEART, the MACHINE, the MIND and the PLACE

It is essential to be aware of the activities that are involved in a particular field or profession.

The idea is to actively make a decision that enables you to take a path towards great enjoyment or achievement or a sense of fulfilment or quite possibly, all of these.

With awareness of your instruments, and by exploring, that is, by meeting people from various fields and taking an honest account of their experiences, their journeys; will help you to understand why they made certain choices and what helped them to shape their career.

Not only will it provide insights of their experiences but It will also put the current scenario into perspective and most importantly, it will encourage you to introspect and relate those experiences to yourself, thereby enabling you to make a better informed choice further.