DCA is an ISO 9001:2015 design and build company where vision strategy, aesthetics and engineering collaborate to create facilities that meet the client’s business needs within budget and time constraints.

“We live in a world of fantastic diversity. Understanding and responding with all senses to the extraordinary contexts has inspired an approach that accepts pluralism as the common ground for expression and ideology.” 

DCA sees design as strategy in action, focused on results. We help our clients envision a better future and get there successfully. We help them leverage design’s power to generate innovative solutions that affect real transformation. Design is being redefined by sustainability. We are continually evolving our organization and design processes to deliver innovation aimed at helping clients and communities become more resourceful, resilient and regenerative.

We believe in collaboration. We are constantly focused on the idea of having discourse, having feedback, having different players points of view coming to the table.

Our practice is based on the belief that each project must communicate philosophy at the same time be unique expression of client’s dream.

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Nitin Khatwani & Hussain Dholkawala completed their formal education from the L.S.Raheja College of Architecture Mumbai, in 1992. In the same year, together they established Design Centre Architects and embarked on their architectural practice. Starting with the design of a small office interior in Bandra, they have worked together for nearly three decades & created a well established architectural practice that caters to various facets of the building Industry. They have worked on several residential, commercial and hospitality projects together and have honed their skills through a vast experience of field knowledge. They have won several prestigious awards in excellence in design.
Nitin believes that “Architecture cannot divorce itself from Social & environmental exigencies and every piece of architecture can only be defined so if it enhances the experience of its surroundings.” It is with this credence and approach to design that is the common thread woven into the firm’s creations over the years.

Hussain on the other hand, as director of the company has concentrated on nurturing DCA and securing its growth by delivering projects with within stipulated timelines and budgets. He feels that “An architectural office must be true to its design intent, be grounded enough and cater to the practical aspects of the project to ensure client satisfaction.” Both the principals of the firm having worked together as team have fortified the firm’s place in the industry and have ensured that their clients are repeat ones.


Having passed her Masters in Architecture, majoring in design from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Swati Ray commenced her journey as a professional in 1994. Since then she have worked on a variety of projects with well established firms.
Her experience is spread over all typologies like educational institutions, commercial buildings, campuses and retail outlets. They ranged from 30000 sqft to 1000000 sqft in size.
Her design philosophy is to create structures that enhance the site, interact with the users and respond to the environment.
Interior space articulation should provide an instinctive path for easy circulation and at the same time exhibit effective use of the available space. She truly believe that good Architecture is not just the building of an object on a site but a reinvention
of the site itself. Her professional experience and key competencies are outlined in the following pages.

Mahesh Keswani is an experienced Manager and Designer with 20 years of experience providing project and design management support to major retail, commercial, government and education projects in the US and India. His responsibilities have included conceptual and schematic design development, strategic planning, budget and cost management, and construction administration. His educational qualifications include Ph.D in Urbanism and M.Sc. in Green Building (ongoing) and M.Arch (USA). As a registered architect in India and a LEED Accredited Professional (AP), he has been on the forefront of green design over the last two decades. In line with DCA’s vision, Mahesh equates ‘design thinking’ to an interactive non-linear process which empathizes, defines, ideates, prototypes and implements to generate optimal solutions for the clients.

Jitendra Ausekar equipped with 20 years of hands-on experience in projects, managing complex corporate and industrial manufacturing facilities from initial planning stages with logistic consideration till completion. He has singularly handled big corporate accounts. His core competency lies in mobilization of resources and managing local supply chain.

Nitin Khatwani

Nehali Ausekar
Admin Manager

Nilesh Shinde
Interior Designer

Rutuja Adkar
Interior Designer

Ranjan Roy
Project Manager

Vishal Panchal
Site supervisor


Hussain Dholkawala

Swati Ray

Madhuri Gaikwad
Interior Designer

Bharat Sutar
Project Manager

Umar Shaikh
Site supervisor

Bipin Kadam
Accounts Manager

Jitendra Ausekar
Site & Resource Manager

Mahesh Keswani

Shashank Raut
3D Visualizer

Rukumagat Dumre
Project Manager

Fakhruddin Shaikh
Interior Designer

Samir Dhavade
Accounts Executive


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